Universidade de Valência

The Universitat de València is pleased to announce you that we have been
selected one more year to participate in the programme Science without
Borders from the Brazilian government.

As you may know the Universitat de València, founded over five centuries ago
is devoted to a wide range of disciplines, cutting-edge research and culture
pursuing education, learning and research at the highest international
levels of excellence.

Among its fields of studies, we offer experimental sciences, engineering,
health sciences, humanities as well as social, economic, education and legal

During the forthcoming academic year we are participating in this programme
offering 57 places in the areas of Sciences, Health Sciences and Engineering
including the following courses:

*       Biology
*       Biochemistry
*       Biotechnology
*       Food Science
*       Environmental Sciences
*       Sports
*       Nursery
*       Podiatry
*       Pharmacy
*       Physics
*       Physiotherapy
*       Telecommunications
*       Computer Science
*       Multimedia Engineering
*       Information Technology
*       Mathematics
*       Medicine
*       Human Nutrition
*       Dentistry
*       Chemistry
*       Psychology

Further information about the course syllabus can be found at
 (English)   (Español)