Universidade de Melbourne




How students select subjects


Australian universities structure their degrees in a variety of ways. How these degrees are structured can determine access to subjects for SWB students.


The University of Melbourne teaches professional entry degrees at the graduate level, but in many instances still requires its  students to complete pathway subjects at undergraduate level to meet pre-requisites for the graduate degree. Examples of professional degrees at graduate level in include Pharmacology, Engineering and Architecture, areas which are also popular discipline areas with Science Without Borders students.


Let’s consider the Engineering program that we offer at UM. Students enrolled in Engineering complete a three year major in engineering first, followed by a two year Master of Engineering degree (5 years in total). Because Brazilian students undertake a 4 or 5 year Bachelor of Engineering at home, SWB students studying at the University of Melbourne can select up to 2 subjects from our undergraduate Engineering majors and up to 2 from the Master of Engineering at UM, if they meet the appropriate pre-requisite required for these subjects. This flexibility allows students to access a wide curriculum at the University of Melbourne that reflects their prior learning.  


Students are required to review our subject Handbook  to identify subjects that are a suitable fit with their major area of study in Brazil.  Fields of study commonly pursued by students at the University of Melbourne include Architecture, Engineering (including Industrial), Chemical Science, Earth Sciences, Environmental Science, Life Science, Information Technology


Housing support available


While the University of Melbourne offers College accommodation, SWB  students prefer to live in share-housing with other students as it is more economical. Students usually pay on average $800 - $900 per month for accommodation, plus an additional $150 per month for amenities (water, electricity etc).

Students start by researching their options prior to arrival using the University of Melbourne Housing Online Noticeboard. If students need any information about advertisements, properties, reasonable rental fees, suburb information or anything else they may be unsure of, they can contact the Mobility Housing Advisor by sending an email to: saex-housing@unimelb.edu.au

At the beginning of the semester, the University also runs daily one-on-one information sessions on housing, to assist students when they arrive. 


Brazilian Student Association


The Brazilian students have formed a club on campus which enables them to access funds for events. The club aims to actively promote Brazilian culture and foster  integration between the Brazilian and the Australian communities.